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Recent News

Recent News

Here you\’ll find a snapshot of the latest DUSVO news. If you\’d like to receive regular updates about what we\’re doing and how you can get involved, why not sign up to our weekly newsletter (using the link in the top-right)?

New Durham University Student Volunteers Certification Scheme

Starting from Michaelmas term 2020, we are introducing the new Durham University Student Volunteers Certification Scheme to recognise the invaluable contribution our students make to the local community through volunteering.

The certification scheme recognises 3 different levels of volunteering, based on the total number of accumulated hours a student has volunteered during their time at Durham University:

Bronze Level = 30 hours

Silver Level = 60 hours

Gold Level = 90 hours

To be eligible for the scheme, volunteers must register on Upshot (the University’s volunteering database) and ensure their volunteering hours for DUSVO or College projects are recorded (e.g. by sharing them with the Project Leader, DUSVO staff etc.).

We will start counting volunteering hours from the beginning of Michaelmas term 2020 onwards, and will inform individuals when they have achieved each level of certification.

If you’d like to be considered for the certification scheme using your volunteering hours from previous years, please get in touch with the DUSVO team to discuss.


Q. What do I need to do if I want to apply for the scheme?
Step 1: register on Upshot at
Step 2: when Michaelmas term starts in October, record your hours by sharing them with the Project Leader (all the regular volunteering session should be recorded by the Project Leaders already). If you are a Project Leader, report your hours (including admin hours when you deal with emails or design posters) with DUSVO staff (email [email protected])
Step 3: wait for us to confirm when you have achieved your level of certification

Q. Who should I contact if I want to use my volunteering hours from previous years?
Email [email protected] and keep a record of the date, time and duration of your volunteering hours.

Q. Can I apply for the scheme in my final year (either next year or the year after)? Would my hours this year still count?
Yes, you can apply for the scheme whenever you want. The hours will be accumulated and counted up until your final year.

Q. If I get a Bronze award this year for volunteering for 30 hours, and then I volunteered for another 30 hours next year, then will I get a Silver award or another Bronze award?
As the hours are accumulated, you will get a Silver award in addition to your Bronze award.

Congratulations to all the Volunteering Awards winners!

Durham University Volunteering Awards 2020 were held online via Zoom and Facebook on Wednesday 24th June. Winners of each category were announced throughout the day, ending with a live online ceremony in the evening to celebrate all the nominees and highlight the fantastic volunteering efforts of the University\’s students and staff from the past year.

Huge congratulations to all the nominees, shortlisted and winners!

The awards received some fantastic press coverage from within and outside the University:

We want your feedback

If you\’ve volunteered with a DUSVO project this year, we\\\’d love to get your feedback. All feedback is anonymous, all we ask is for the project you took part in so we can aim on improving it further.

The form can be found here:

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